Chris Morris Purchases Struggling Aussie Casino

There was some confusion when Chris Morris declared that he was purchasing a casino in Townsville, Australia. The casino has struggled to make an impression on the public, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and overall profits. However, Mr. Morris sees plenty of potential in the site. He is investing $20 million in revamping the casino, and hopes that it will help him expand his casino empire in the region.

Chris MorrisThe Jupiters Townsville Casino has been struggling for a few years. Echo Entertainment, the company that ran the casino, were more concerned with finding a buyer than improving on the casino’s amenities and overall structure. They eventually sealed a deal with Chris Morris that saw them pocket $70 million.

Mr. Morris spoke with an Australian newspaper about this purchase. Here is what he had to say on the casino’s future: “I believe that this property has a tremendous amount of potential. The Echo Entertainment Group wanted to find a buyer. They were unable to invest money into this property. I will be able to upgrade the site and usher a new dawn for the Townsville Casino.

He also spoke about the fact that his team had to take advantage of the casino’s incredible location. “This Jupiters Casino finds itself in the best possible spot in Townsville. Even if I had my pick of locations for this casino, I would not move it. The key is to tap into this advantage and build our customer base,” he said.

Always the savvy business man, Chris Morris has already identified why the casino was struggling. He believes that the overall package was too limited. People these days want more than just a gambling spot. They want a great spot for entertainment, food, drinks and culture. By upgrading those aspects of the casino, Mr. Morris hopes to see profits within five years.