EuroVegas In Spain Is In Jeopardy

EuroVegas In Spain Is In JeopardySpain is undoubtedly one of the companies that have been impacted the most in today’s economy. They are hanging on by a thread and they need the boost in the economy more than almost anyone else in the European Union. They are currently deemed as the site where EuroVegas will be built, though sources currently say this is in jeopardy.

There are anti-smoking laws in Spain. Throughout the country, it is illegal to smoke in a public establishment. This is fine for most establishments. However, casinos bring in a clientele where smoking is nothing out of the ordinary. Even in Las Vegas where smoking is illegal in most public establishments, it is legal in many of the casinos.

Currently, EuroVegas is thinking of choosing another country to establish itself in if Spain does not lift their smoking laws. They need the revenue but they do not want to change the ban on smoking in order to get it.

There are currently talks about reaching some sort of agreement. The country wouldn’t have to lift their entire ban on smoking indoors. The country would only have to permit smoking throughout the casinos of EuroVegas.

This is a point of contention right now. Neither Spain nor EuroVegas are willing to budge on what they want and this could cause EuroVegas to choose another country. Considering the amount of revenue that the project is projected to bring in and the number of jobs that it is likely going to create, any country would be glad to take on the project, even if it means allowing smoking to take place within the establishments.

Spain has not completely dismissed the idea. The project is currently being run by billionaire Adelson out of the United States. It is currently going to be built in Madrid and is a $22 billion project. Spain could turn their economy around with a project of this magnitude.

If an exemption is made, the project could be the saving grace that Spain needs to pull out of its recessions. It’s a matter of whether they want to give up their smoking ban in order to get it.