Racers Take Their Positions

Corporate agreements and private investments tend to be what make the gaming world go around, century casinofinancially at least. A big one to hit the headlines recently is the partnership formed between Century Casinos Incorporated and United Horsemen of Alberta. There has also been financial backing to come into the picture thanks to the Bank of Montreal. Together, these entities have major plans to construct a racetrack and complete entertainment center devoted exclusively to racing in the metropolitan area of Calgary, Canada.

A Unique Installation

This entertainment center will mark the first and only racetrack for horses in the area. It will be going under the title, “Century Downs Racetrack and Casino.” The racetrack itself will be 5.5 furlongs in length with a game floor that offers over 550 machines and multiple amenities for guests, including a full bar, lounges, restaurants, and an additional off-track betting facility. The REC license is also completely unique to the area, leaving virtually no competition for this new and exciting establishment dedicated to racing.

The Place To Be

The location for the construction is extremely promising for all parties involved as well. The center will be located just one mile to the north of Calgary’s city limits and only 4.5 miles away from the highly-trafficked Calgary International Airport. It lies just off a well-known interstate that is used to go from Calgary to Edmonton. This highway has been cited as the most traveled stretch of road in all of Western Canada. Also drawing crowds in the immediate area are the Calgary Markets and Cross Iron Mills Shopping Mall.

Optimism Reigns

While there does not seem to be any obstacle standing in front of the development, the agreements and management policies that are in place are still subject to final approvals from the AGLC. They already have the necessary license to construct the race tracks and all the necessary documents for selling liquors and spirits are in place. The final building permits are already being processed by Rocky View County. There are no assurances in place that all agreements will be final, but all parties concerned anticipate success in the endeavor.