Record Powerball Jackpot to be Split Between Two Winners

The lottery company Powerball claims that winners have been identified for their biggest ever lottery jackpot. The company is saying that two winning tickets have been bought, one in Arizona and the other in Missouri.

powerballThere is still a hunt going on to identify the winners. They know where the winning tickets were purchased, but have not gotten calls from either of the winning players. With a lottery this size, it is only a matter of time before people come to claim their prize.

This is the largest Powerball lottery in history. It is said to be worth around $590 million, with a cash out option of $390 million. That money would be equally divided among the two winners.

There were plenty of other prizes available. Powerball says that around 9 million people won some amount of money from this lottery. There are 60 people who won ONE million dollars each. These individuals got the first five numbers correct, but did not get the Powerball number of 6.

We do not know if the winning tickets were bought by an individual or by a group of people. This information will become available as soon as someone comes forward to claim their grand prize. Officials in Arizona and Missouri are remaining tight lipped for now. They will tell the public where the winning tickets were sold, but would prefer to wait for a few days.

It is being reported that this lottery reached record figures due to a late rise in the purchasing of lottery tickets. With news that the lottery was reaching record levels, even more people went and bought tickets. This positive buzz only added to the overall jackpot.

The odds of someone winning the Powerball grand prize are 1 in 180 million. 160 million people bought tickets for this lottery. Florida was a particular hot spot for lottery ticket purchases, with the state reporting that 200,000 tickets were sold EVERY MINUTE last Wednesday.

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