Themed Hotels and Casinos – The Preferred Trend in Las Vegas

Visitors and tourists to Las Vegas to try their luck at its numerous casinos can enjoy the experience of famous foreign locales at its themed hotel cum casinos. You can have a choice of European locations like Paris and Venice or indulge in the mystery of Treasure Island and Aladdin which has now been renamed as Planet Hollywood. Most of these casinos have been in existence for 20-30 years and have changed management and ownership more than once due to financial problems.

Planet Hollywood or Science Fiction

Las Vegas_New BureauThe casino cum hotel opened in March 1966 with flower petals and Arabian Nights theme with an enormous 15 foot “Aladdin Lamp” adorning the front section. Within a year of its inauguration the Aladdin played host to Elvis Presley’s wedding with Pricilla, which was held at its large banquet hall. The hotel and casino has undergone several renovations and ownership changes through the years due to financial problems and legal issues.

Paris Hotel and Casino

The beautiful Paris Las Vegas hotel and Casino was opened in 1999 with a 541-foot tall replica of Paris’s Eiffel Tower. Its signboard can be seen miles away, which is in the shape of Montgolfier balloon and is teamed up with replicas of famous Parisian landmarks like Arc de Triomphe, La Fontaine des Mers and also a theatre named Le Theatre des Arts. To give visitors a real life feeling of stepping into Paris, the front façade of the hotel has been designed by combining styles of Paris Opera House and iconic Louvre.

Treasure Island and Hotel Casino

Designed by architect Joel Bergman, the Treasure Island and Casino was a brainchild of Steve Wynn and inaugurated in 1993 with whimsical pirate-like icons and video arcades. The hotel changed its child-friendly theme in 2003 for a lively atmosphere to go with the nightclub and casino.

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Regarded as the most expensive resort in the world when it opened in 1999, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino was inaugurated by actress Sophia Loren who joined the Venetian’s Owner to start the first motorised gondola to usher guests into the hotel. Inspired by the romantic city of Venice, this hotel cum casino has architectural replicas of Venetian attractions like Palazzo Ducale, Piazzette di San Marco, St Mark’s Campanile and several others.