Changes Coming To Hungarian Gambling?

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The Hungarian government is working on making changes to the online gambling laws that are currently in the country. The changes that are coming are to make online gambling defined as a “non-liberalized activity”. In layman’s terms, this means that the Hungarian government will have greater controls over the activity. Hungarian Parliament in Budapest
Stronger Companies, Greater Controls

The companies that the Hungarian government wants to allow to offer online gambling are ones that are stronger and bigger than some of the ones that are offering the services at the moment. The government sees this as a way of keeping its customers safer. When the companies are larger and with greater revenues, they are less likely to default on paying their players. This kind of thing is something that worries the government.

Unlimited Licenses

The government states that it will offer an unlimited number of licenses to those who meet their requirements for a five year period. They say that this is one way that they are doing something that will make the market less restrictive. They do not want to be seen as trying to limit the online gambling market to the players that they personally select.

No Taxes On The Income

Those who are able to make a living off of certain types of gambling are able to enjoy the fact that the government does not seek to tax their incomes from gambling. Those who are successful online poker players can rejoice that they are not going to be taxed at all for their income. They just get to enjoy their winnings without any fear at all of the tax man. Hungary is one of the more liberal countries in terms of laws on taxation of this kind of activity. Making a living as a poker player is great in the country of Hungary at the moment.