Lots of people have spent time inside of a casino. Lots of people have played slot machines inside of a casino. Also, plenty of people have won money from the slot machines in a casino. However, few people have won 14.3 million dollars from a slot machine in a casino. On top of all of this, only one person has won that amount from a slot machine in a casino and pledged to give nearly all of it to charity. It’s true! An anonymous man won $14.3 million dollars after putting a twenty dollar bill into a slot machine at Rampart Casino in Las Vegas. He almost didn’t notice the prize amount displayed at the top!

Interestingly, the man admitted he doesn’t gamble very often. In fact, he was only inside of the casino to spend time with a friend who was visiting from out of town. They just happened to be wandering around the slot machines and decided to play a couple on a whim. The man was pleased with his jackpot, but he wanted to be able to give back to the community. He pledged to give a substantial portion of the jackpot to his church to help build a meeting house. His congregation currently meets in the gym of a local high school. The new church would bless the lives of many different people. The remaining money from the jackpot is slated to be given to different charities. The casino management was impressed. They admitted it was a wonderful gesture. It is unlikely they will witness anything like it again.

The Las Vegas slot machine that delivered the massive payout was called Megabucks. The event happened at the beginning of the Christmas season in 2014.