Thank you for visiting CasinoHu! My name is Adrian Ficas. My partner, Derrick Johnson, and we’re the Hu Gang. I created this site to help others who, like ourselves, enjoy online casinos and also happen to love all things spooky. Our goal is to provide players with information that will make online gaming not only fun but rewarding. We learned from our own experiences that the potential rewards of playing online casinos can be maximized by taking advantage of the special opportunities presented on specific sites.

The initial question was how to locate the sites with the best offers. Derrick and I both reside in Boston, Massachusetts. We met while we were in college in an online bingo game chat room. Derrick was majoring in computer science at MIT, and I was a business major at University of Massachusetts. We both enjoyed playing different casino games and enjoy the scary elements that come with some games. Nothing scares us and we’ve watched our fair share of scary stories! One afternoon, we were comparing notes about the various sites that we had visited and the benefits each offered.

Both of us were quite impressed with the others discoveries. It became a weekly occurrence that we would meet in the chat room to exchange information on the sites we had found during the week. I told Derrick that I wished there were an easier way to locate the sites with the best offers. The following week, Derrick sent a huge list of websites.

Each of the sites included the types of benefits we desired. He had developed a specialized search function that would return only the websites that met our criteria, and rank them in the order of most probable match. With these results, we were able to review the most likely candidates in a much shorter period of time. After a short time, we decided to share our good fortune with others. This website is the result of those efforts, and we hope you benefit greatly from it.